Thread Prompt: In a 750-word evaluation, assess the value of

Thread Prompt: In a 750-word evaluation, assess the value of the budget cycle and budgetary planning techniques.

Thread Outline Use bolded statements as headings in your thread.

I.         Assessment of the Value of the Budget Cycle, as indicated below

*Revenue Estimation performed in the executive branch by the finance director, clerk’s           office, budget director, manager, or a team.

*Budget Formulation reflecting on the past, set goals for the future and reconcile the   difference.

*Budget Hearings can include departments, sections, the executive, and the public to          discuss changes in the budget.

*Budget Adoption final approval by the legislative body.

*Budget Execution amending the budget as the fiscal year progresses.

II.        Assessment of the Value of Budgetary Planning Techniques 

Trend Analysis-examining short- and long-term revenues and expenditures over time

Driver-Based Planningexamining short- and long-term revenues and expenditures driven by and important determinants, such as revenues generated, overall objectives, and number of residents.

Financial Modeling takes driver-based planning one step further and uses equations to support the planning process.

Forecasting -Regression based simple, multiple, linear and nonlinear extrapolation

Reply Prompt: Reply to two other classmates’ threads taking the conversation deeper and expanding upon areas where you agree and disagree. Make sure that you support your assertions with scholarly and/or biblical references. Each reply must be 250 words, citations in APA format.

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