Step 1: Reading The first step is to complete the

Step 1: Reading

The first step is to complete the following reading:

Click here: Rojas, Women of Color and Feminism, chapter 2.

Step 2: Media

Watch this two-part lecture on Native American women and colonialism. Make sure to take notes as you read and as you watch the lectures, keeping the discussion forum question in mind as you go. I also strongly recommend using the Cornell  Note  Taking  Method to help you organize your notes and remember the material better.

3-minute video about the Cornell Note-taking system:

Here’s the YouTube link in case you’re having trouble viewing this and other videos through Canvas:

Part 1, Native American Women and Colonialism (16:38):

Here’s the link on YouTube:

Part 2, Native American Women and Colonialism (15:27):

Here’s the link on YouTube in case you’re having trouble watching the videos in Canvas: 

Recommended: Click here to watch a short video (2 minutes), “The Truth about Pocahontas,” from the perspective of Native Americans.

Step 3: Inspirational History!

Each week, when I can, I post a short video covering an inspiring figure in women’s history. The first half of the class focuses quite a bit on the history of oppression, essential and important context for understanding more recent history. I don’t want you to lose sight, however, of how you can find inspiration in women’s history! Thus, I post these videos.

Watch this short video about Susan La Fleche, the first Native American doctor. Note that this video is out of order chronologically! This is about the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Discussion Questions

Think about the following discussion questions as you do the above to better prepare yourself to participate in the group discussion. Remember that you need to cite both the reading and the lectures in your discussion forum post. Remember that you need to make specific references to the reading and the lecture using MLA citations.

  1. What did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week? (note that you will have this general question most weeks).
  2. To what extent has colonialism been devastating for Native American women in particular?

Remember that your initial discussion post should be at least 250 words, and that your responses to the discussion should be thoughtful and advance the conversation by adding something new — i.e.  “I agree with x point you made” does not suffice as an adequate response. Your responses should be at minimum 50 words.

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