In the CSU Online Library, go to the ABI/Inform Collection

In the CSU Online Library, go to the ABI/Inform Collection database, and perform a publication search for “professional safety.” This should take you to a page where you can perform a search from within the publication itself. Perform an additional search within the publication using “return on investment” as a search term. Access the  ABI Inform Publication Search(SeeAttached)for instructions on how to do this. Select an article that deals with considering return on investment when deciding upon the implementation of hazard controls. Write a review of the article that includes the following items:

  • a brief introduction to the article, 
  • a summary and analysis of the key points in the article, 
  • a discussion related to the concept of return on investment considerations for advocating the implementation of appropriate controls, and 
  • a summary of the article’s conclusions and your own opinions. 

The article review must be in APA format and at least two pages in length, not counting title and reference pages. 

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