Create two supplementary lessons. You may choose to split the

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Create two supplementary lessons. You may choose to split the class in levels with those needing extra help addressed in one lesson and those ready for the next step in the second lesson or you may choose 2 full class lessons with differentiated guided practice and independent/small group practice that help all students get to where they need to be. Consider what we know about differentiation and what we know about mathematical thinking and include what you’ve read about math in the previous module. You may use some materials laid out in the packaged curriculum but there should be pedagogy and methods of learning what children know and can do other than the material/worksheets provided. Have fun with it – math is often best taught with games! Then, looking over your 2 lesson plans, and considering all your textbook readings for the course (not just math) write a 3-5 page double spaced rationale statement for your plans.  Back up your choices with your textbook readings – you must use both of your textbooks.

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