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 We have noted that the actual production of the budgetary documents is not likely to be a responsibility of the nurse executive. The complexity of the entire budgetary process, informed by strategic planning, actualized in an ever-changing environment, and under pressure from an endless list of stakeholders, must be a collaborative process. Consider again, the skills of the nurse leader (week 4).

Evaluate an existing budget for a U.S. hospital.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

  • Determine if the proper team has created the budget (Slide 2)
  • Analyze Slide 3 to determine the thoroughness of risks and needs-based upon the AONE Guiding Principles
    • What is your opinion on the loss of revenue from the OnceCare ACO contract?
  • Slides 7,8, and 9 are essentially a SWOT.
    •  What is missing?
    • What would you add?
  • Slide 12 includes PI/QI initiatives.
  • Slides 13-16 include the actual budget.
    •  Analyze the Variance % column.
    • Explain what the red means.
  • Identify the three most impactful issues on slide 17.
    • How do you feel about the funding provided for the needs of Healthcare Reform Investments?
    • Were you surprised to see three slides of Healthcare Reform Investments and the willingness to provide funding for those needs?
    • Reflect on the summary provided in Sustainability and Profitability – what information is included that leads to the conclusion? What other information should be included?
  •  At all times proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and citation of any references used are required.


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