my concept and ideas for the discussion section of my

my concept and ideas for the discussion section of my final project is a partnership after prison: couple relationships during reentry and it’s easy for older couple to still work on their relationship even though their partner is in prison due to that they’ve been with that person and they’re willing to fight for their family and their relationship compared to a young couple that started now or boyfriend and girlfriend and sometimes they don’t wanna deal with the frustration of knowing that their partner is in jail and prison and then they have to go visit the person or or they’re not married or they’re single but they have children and sometimes they don’t want their children to go through aggravation knowing that their their father or mother is in prison so some couples willing to fight with the help of the family and that’s why sometimes their partners are in jail um when they come out they’re they’re still stuck with what they went through in jail but they’re willing to push over that and and be with their family compared to young relationship or new relationship that they’re still traumatized with PTSD and they keep reliving the scenario and that makes it hard for their relationship to work and that’s one of the reasons they end up breaking up that ship I always said I could my way out right.

In your responses to your peers, provide them feedback on their “Discussion” section, so they can get it ready for their final project submission.

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