Building Services (Heat Pump Unit) Investigation of Refrigeration

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Topic: Building Services (Heat Pump Unit) Investigation of Refrigeration System Performance at various Condensing Pressures


1. INTRODUCTION (minimum 200 words) Demonstrate how it is a level 3 analysis – critical thinking, focus on issues. *(Level 3 = degree level final year) 2. THEORY & OBJECTIVE (minimum 200 words) Students should study relevant key publications used to outline the issue of study and briefly describe the background and the corresponding theory of the experiment. Do not just paraphrase theory, summarize in your own words. Single objective of lab (critical issue): The objective of the experiment may be included in the lab sheets. However, in the formal report, the objective should be restated to correspond to the way the actual experiment was done. Also, the relevant theoretical equations should be given and their physical meaning should be explained. The restatement of the ‘formulas’ as given in the lab sheets is insufficient. 3. METHOD (minimum 200 words) A description of the apparatus and how actually the experiment was carried out should be given accompanied by its graphic presentation. Copied procedure from the lab sheets is not acceptable. Provide discussion of discrepancies with actual process, compare between the theoretical forecast and the observed experimental behavior. Make clear assumptions and identify possible errors. 4. RESULTS The original measurement data and comlete results for all sets of data should be very well organized and presented. Tabular presentation is one of the most common in practice. In addition, graphical presentation is very often necessary for better understanding of the data and results. Sample calculations for all quantities of interest for one set of data should be shown.  The relevant formulas with explanation of the existing quantities and their units, – Replaced numerical values for the quantities in the formulas, – Results of the calculations with their units. 5. DISCUSSION (minimum 500 words) Maximize the values of the lab and focus on key issues. State the trends of the obtained results in respect of the relevant influences. Relate to the real world; give explanation of the deviations from the predicted/expected behavior and analyze the errors. Wherever applicable, reference on the consulted literature should be given. 6. FUTURE RESEARCH (minimum 200 words) Summarize the obtained results, state whether or not the objectives of the experiment were met. Make sure its research but not just a study, make a list of research questions and a suggestion of the method that might be used to generate the information. 7. REFERENCES This should list all materials used for the preparation of the formal report. The format for giving a reference is illustrated with the example given below: 1. Basic Thermodynamics (Applications and Pollution Control), K. Iynkaran and David J. Tandy, Prentice Hall, 1993, p.101-103 8. APPENDIX Lab sheet Relevant charts / diagrams Relevant photo

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