Interview muslim: Reflection on your experience

This assessment is designed to give you an opportunity to experience and think about a religion that is unfamiliar to you. (N.B. This assignment is to be submitted by all students and is NOT to be confused with the festival visit options connected with each reflection essay.)

Visit a corporate service of worship in a religion that is unfamiliar to you and other than your professed religion. The assignment is to: Contact the faith community you plan to visit in advance to plan your visit. Ask if there is anything you should know such as a dress code, women not entering certain areas, taking off your shoes, covering your head, silence in certain areas, etc. Visit/observe the worship service (N.B. Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical, and Pentecostal are all Christian traditions. If you practice or were raised in any Christian tradition, then you may not observe another Christian tradition for this assessment.) Interview a knowledgeable, practicing member of the community about the service, and how religion shapes his/her life.

Write a 1000-1250 word (4-5 pages) reflection on your experience. Include the date and time you visited and the name, address, and telephone of the site that you visited at the top of your paper. Write a thank you note to the person you interviewed and include a note in your paper indicating that you wrote a thank you note. This is part of your grade (honor system).

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